Rich in History

With works still ongoing at the hotel, we take a break from interior design and delve into the history of this beautiful hotel.
The 'old building' (as we call it) is the main hotel, this consists of reception, Lantys lounge and everything above. The first record I could find was in 1894, unconvinced this was the date the hotel was built, I turned to social media with the hope of help, and it came pretty quick. Ray a fellow Cumbrian who blogs regularly on his own site, http://scafellhike.blogspot.co...  confirmed my thoughts.

Interestingly, in 1860 the hotel was known as the Glenridding Hotel, we are unsure if it was shortened for reporting purposes as it was also referred to as Glenridding Temperance Hotel a few years later. In 1894, it became Woods Hotel and sold to the Milcrest family in c.1906 when the name had changed once again to Milcrest Hotel.

Before I get too far ahead, I would like to go back to the year 1861 when Mr Theodore Derome of Kendal offered for sale, many properties which included; Ullswater Hotel, The Glenridding Temperance Hotel, Patterdale Hotel and several more. With one bid for all nine properties by Mr Thomas Bownass, purchased all nine for a sum of £25,000.

In 1863 Prince Arthur partook in Lunch at the hotel before heading to the lake for a spot of fishing, while on a tour of the Westmorland.

There isn’t much more detail than that; however, we intend to keep hunting.

Fast forward to 1894, Mrs Sarah Woods, proprietor of our beautiful hotel, and next door, Rose Cottage (known to us all as Kilner's coffee shop), owned by Mr John Wilson, until it was sold to Mr William Kilner in 1906 when it became WM. Kilner Refreshments & Lodgings.  William remained here until his death in 1935 when Rose Cottage was left to his nephews, but unfortunately, that is the last I was able to find on our fabulous coffee shop, It’s possible that Rose Cottage was re-named.

We made the decision to rename Kilner Coffee Shop after December floods, however, we felt it was important not to lose the incredibly rich history that surrounds it, so it gives me great pleasure to tell all that,  ‘Let it Brew’ will showcase an extensive timeline of the history from 1860 to today. This will include stories from Kepal Cove disaster, Donald Campbell’s celebratory dinner and the recent Storm Desmond Floods.

One thing I have realised since partaking in this historical venture is that anyone who has had the pleasure in spending part of their life, (whether it be working, or owning) is playing a role in this beautiful buildings story.

We hope to welcome you to The Glenridding Hotel soon.


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