Introducing Beckside Bar

On the night of 5th December 2015, Storm Desmond completely destroyed our lovely Ratchers Bar, everything Ratchers was and stood for no longer existed. It was then, my family and I  sat and discussed the future of Ratchers and what it meant going forward. It was agreed, that keeping Ratchers would be staying at that devastating time when we felt we must move forward, close that chapter and open a new beginning.

Deciding on a new name.

The decision to rename the bar was made! And the name followed swiftly, it was quite clear to us what the name should be; Beckside Bar was a unanimous decision, It was only appropriate to name it after the company who we believed saved us; Beckside Constructions, a team who were working at Hartsop hydro plant, rode into the village on JCB diggers to restore the Beck that was raging throughout our property. They dedicated many hours over those next few days, weeks and months to help rebuild the infrastructure in the village of Glenridding.

We will always be grateful to the guys from Beckside Constructions and renaming the bar is a commemoration of  their hard work, we will always remember their efforts and be eternally grateful.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Beckside Bar where the spirit of Ratchers lives on.


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