Job Description

JOB TITLE : Commis Chef 

SALARY & BENEFITS : Great rates of pay – dependant on experience 

WORKING HOURS : Full time – 40 hours per week
ROLE: We are looking for a professional commis Chefs to join our kitchen team and to follow our Head Chef’s specifications and guidelines. The successful candidate will enjoy a fantastic opportunity to learn and understand how to become a first class chef. Duties and responsibilities.
Working as a commis chef involves learning a lot of different skills in a short amount of time and then practicing those skills by implementing them in actual tasks throughout the kitchen.
The most successful commis chefs are fast fast learners who actively develop their skills and are not afraid to ask senior chefs as many questions as necessary.
A commis chef will work on many different teams before they move on to a higher chef role; therefore, a commis chef must be able to effectively communicate with other members of the kitchen staff. This includes being able to gracefully receive constructive criticism as well as effectively carry out orders.
Additionally, a commis chef also needs to be able to remain calm while multi-tasking, as they are often called upon to carry out many different orders simultaneously in a brief amount of time.
Although the commis chef is one of the lowest-ranking members of the kitchen staff, it is still an important role.
The decisions that the commis chef makes in his or her role will impact the quality of food that the kitchen produces.
Like all members of the kitchen staff, the commis chef must maintain high standards of health and safety, including personal hygiene.
The commis chef must also perform many basic tasks of food preparation and organization in the kitchen.
Sometimes these tasks will seem mundane; however, they are still vital to the successful operation of the kitchen
Live in options available

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